More Days in Advance to Reserve Courts

More Days in Advance to Reserve Courts

The DNDC Tennis Rules have been revised and uploaded to the DNDC website. Please familiarize yourself with the revised rules.

Members are now able to reserve courts up to 7 days in advance for 2 hours at a time. In order for this to succeed members need to cancel their reservations if they will not be using the courts at the specified time.

You can cancel an existing reservation through the website or this can be done from the app. On iOS, just swipe left on your reservation, on Android tap your reservation and follow the prompt to cancel.

Members of the DNDC are permitted to play at many of the neighborhood swim and tennis clubs without paying a fee. These clubs include Kingsley, Fontainebleau, Village Mill, Byrnwyck, and Vermack. If you have a question about a reciprocal agreement please contact the tennis director at the club.

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